Bill2Pay and Meridian Announce KeepTRAC™

An Innovative Customer Engagement Platform for Utility Customers Bill2Pay and Meridian Integration are excited to announce the release of KeepTRAC™, an innovative customer portal that pairs the latest billing & payment technology with a comprehensive customer engagement platform. KeepTRAC™ is the result of a collaborative effort between Bill2Pay, an industry leader in billing & payment solutions, and Meridian Integration, a … Read More

jaymiekohlBill2Pay and Meridian Announce KeepTRAC™

Are Prepaid Plans the Future for Utilities?

Prepaid Utility Plans Are Becoming More Common as Providers Are Realizing the Benefits Many consumers already pay in advance for plenty of products, such as cell phone service and cable television, so why not electric and water? Traditionally, utility accounts are billed on a credit-based system – consumers use electricity and water for a set period, and then they are … Read More

jaymiekohlAre Prepaid Plans the Future for Utilities?