Milestone ePortal screenshot

Real-Time Data

Users can access real-time account information, including their usage – helping customers manage their monthly bills and helping the utility increase their energy efficiency.

Seamless Integration

Integrates beautifully with your CIS, MDM, and OMS platforms, as well as Bill2Pay’s entire suite of billing and payment products. Customers have access to the same information as your CSRs.

No Additional Cost

When paired with our comprehensive billing & payments suite, it is included at no additional cost – significantly less than our competitors’ customer engagement platforms.

The majority of consumers are now demanding an upgraded digital experience from their utility provider:


Want products and services that enable them to manage their energy consumption


Want products and services personalized to their specific needs and preferences


Want a seamless user experience that's consistent, effortless, & intuitive


Want offers for products and services that are specific to their particular lifestyles

Bill2Pay offers the cutting-edge, on-demand digital features that consumers want, and more.

Customized Notifications

Customers can choose how and when they receive notifications about their account billing and usage – via text, email, or phone.

Easy Online Self-Service

Starting, stopping, or transferring service can be done online with just a few clicks. No calls to Customer Service needed.

Work Orders, Rebates, and Requests

Customers can submit forms directly from their online profile, uploading messages and documents that are pushed directly into your CIS system.

Targeted Marketing

Utilities can market new products or services to the customers most likely to be interested, increasing customer satisfaction and saving utilities money.

Energy-Saving Programs

Customers can monitor and control their their monthly bill while utilities can influence peak-demand usage and increase energy efficiency.
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