Reducing Postal Delay in Remittance Processing

Did you know that every extra day that your customers’ payments take to arrive at your remittance processing facility push your whole operation costs up? The longer your payments take to be delivered, the longer it will take for the funds to be available in your checking account. And we all are very aware of how a couple of days … Read More

Scott SholtesReducing Postal Delay in Remittance Processing

Seven Steps to Increase Efficiency in Remittance Processing

It’s easy to see why inefficiencies can be costly: reduced productivity, increased error rates, process bottlenecks abound, a nightmare. That’s why it is so important to have a system in place to persistently detect and resolve inefficiencies. Saving money by cutting the fat and breaking bottlenecks Today’s article continues our series on how to reduce remittance processing costs. On this episode … Read More

Scott SholtesSeven Steps to Increase Efficiency in Remittance Processing

Quick Tips on Reducing Mail-in Payment Processing Cost

With the mail-in paper payment volume constantly dropping and the cost of equipment maintenance on a steady rise, reducing mail-in payment processing cost is a real and constant challenge. However, some companies have turned the processing of mail-in payments into a profitable business model. What tips can a successful and lucrative high quality lockbox operation give on this subject? According to our Director of Payment Processing and respected Lockbox industry specialist, Kathy … Read More

Scott SholtesQuick Tips on Reducing Mail-in Payment Processing Cost

Tackling the Lockbox Exception Items Problem

Are you tired of your lockbox processing ONLY the clean transactions and sending back all Exceptions for you to process? I’m hearing more and more that lockbox companies only want to process your clean transactions:  single coupons, single checks and balanced multiples. What about your check only transactions, checks with list transactions and multiples that don’t balance? The bottom line is that … Read More

Scott SholtesTackling the Lockbox Exception Items Problem