Less paper, more benefits.

Utilities can now leverage the benefits of prepaid debit cards to influence behavior, fulfill customer needs, and improve your bottom line.
Save money using prepaid cards to issue security deposit refunds.

Utilities can save up to $5 per security deposit refund with Bill2Pay’s Prepaid Debit Card Program. On average, 8% of a utility’s customer base will move annually. Utilities incur an average cost of $5 per check to issue each security deposit refund, which adds up fast.

With Bill2Pay, utilities can now issue security deposit refunds in the form of a prepaid debit card instead of a check at no cost to the customer or the utility, eliminating the fees and the headaches.

Influence & engage your customers with rewards and rebates.

Studies have shown that the best way to influence consumer behavior is by offering rewards and incentives, and consumers prefer to receive those incentives in the form of a prepaid rewards card. Here’s some of the ways utilities are saving money and streamlining operations by successfully influencing and rewarding their customers’ actions:

Customer Action Utility Benefit
Go paperless Save on printing & mailing costs
Enroll in auto-pay Save on collections & late payments
Reduce usage during peak hours Reduced peak demand
Car charger installation Additional usage for vehicle charging
Solar installation Reduced carbon fuel usage
Recycle old appliances Increase energy efficiency
Install smart thermostats Increase energy efficiency