Bill2Pay leverages decades of industry knowledge to blend traditional practices with modern technology to deliver unparalleled billing and payment solutions for multiple key industries. Stream encompasses the entire billing and payments ecosystem offering you tools to revolutionize the way you manage key customer touch points.

Bill2Pay’s Suite of Stream Solutions is modular, flexible and can be custom tailored for any industry. Below are a some of the key industries we serve, and some of the special features we have developed for each.

At Bill2Pay, we understand your critical mission of delivering services 24 hours a day. Our utility suite of services includes integrated web, mobile, IVR, in-person, third party, traditional lockbox payments, and a full suite of Bill Presentment products. We also deliver state-of-the-art digital wallets which allow for one-time or recurring payment. Utilize our notification processes to alert your customers about late payments or imminent shut-off. Integrate with our systems to provide real-time updates to avoid unnecessary cut-offs, and let us build your mobile payments app for seamless customer service.

Currently servicing: Electric, Gas, Water, Phone and Cable Utilities

Bill2Pay is the most responsive and thorough vendor.

– Jacksonville Electric Authority

Since the early 1990s, Bill2Pay has had a close working relationship with tax collectors. From DMV interfaces to lockbox systems that can handle paper remittances such as property tax payments, business tax receipts and DMV payments, Bill2Pay provides a complete payment solution tailored to your needs. Our suite of electronic payment solutions is integrated with the largest tax collector software provider in the country. Our systems are robust and will deliver you results that exceed industry standards.

The best. Any issues you have are handled promptly and with compliance.

– Collier County Tax Collector’s Office

When you are processing for some of the largest cable providers in the country, accuracy and efficiency is not just a lofty goal; it is a critical necessity. Bill2Pay has processed cable payments since the early 1990s. By handling traditional lockbox payments, integrating multiple third party payers and processing special coupons and offerings, Bill2Pay is exceeding the demands of our clients.

We have been very pleased with the Bill2Pay organization and staff. They are easy to work with, integrate well with our system and needs, are very responsive to any issues or concerns, etc. We would recommend using Bill2Pay as a lockbox vendor.

– Bright House Networks

Bill2Pay has provided customized payment solutions to both commercial and retail insurance clients for over a decade. From seamless agent applications which receive electronic premium payments, to fully integrated lockbox functions processing both payments and remittances, our systems are integrated with some of the largest BPO insurance providers in the country. Let us design a comprehensive solution for your insurance payment processing needs.

Innovative company, best in breed, great ROI.

– Florida Healthy Kids

Bill2Pay believes patient safety and security doesn’t end at the bedside, but continues throughout their medical stay and on into their payments experience. We believe in providing seamless payment options for patients and their medical providers, and we are constantly enhancing our security measures to stay ahead of potential threats. Medical issues are hard enough, and the payments process should not add additional burden.

Very knowledgeable and efficient group that provides the utmost support to their customers. Professional, personal service, excellent track record, PCI compliant.

– Pinellas County Utilities

Bill2Pay has been working with government entities for 25 years, and we understand the specific challenges you face. We custom tailor our solutions to help you solve your biggest problems, and we always focus on safety and security. We are one of the few payments processors that have both a full suite of lockbox and electronic products in-house, guaranteeing you the highest quality in the industry. Just ask our customers.

Bill2Pay provides excellent service. The staff always goes the extra mile to assist in any way that they can.

– City of Tampa Utilities

Bill2Pay has developed close working relationships with various banking organizations, including the largest banks in the country.

Banks often need a high quality payment processing partner to be competitive in winning treasury management accounts. The quality of our services, and our full array of payment solutions, helps banks win competitively bid business.

Bill2Pay will work with banks interested in using Bill2Pay as there exclusive payment processing partner.

Bill2Pay understands that the efficient processing of citation payments plays a critical role in maintaining excellent highway safety standards. CCPS was developed in 2004 for the Florida Motor Carrier Compliance Division to provide a unique payments and citation management system.

Our customized solution offers both Online (web) and IVR (phone) payment applications allowing the carrier operator or carrier administration to process citation payments efficiently, accurately and in real-time. A robust, user-friendly admin portal provides detailed daily transaction reports to track payment activity.

Verify citation payments in REAL-TIME, and get vehicles and operators back on the road.

Whether your company works in one of the industries listed above, or an industry all its own, our products and services are designed to meet your specific needs. Bill2Pay has many clients servicing the medical field, pest control, property management, and a number of other industries. Let us know if we can help you.

But don’t just trust our claims; schedule an inquiry today and hear directly from our clients. We have a 98% client retention rate and our most recent survey gave us a satisfaction rating of over 96%.