Bill2Pay Awards Sponsorship to PACE Center for Girls

Bill2Pay was honored on March 31,2016 at the 2016 Believing in Girls Empowerment Luncheon in Orange Park, Florida. The event was held to benefit the Clay County PACE Center for Girls. The funds donated by Bill2Pay as the “Seeking Excellence” Sponsor will be used to support PACE Clay’s mission of providing girls and young women an opportunity for a better … Read More

Scott SholtesBill2Pay Awards Sponsorship to PACE Center for Girls

Why can’t Retailers use their EMV Chip Readers?

Deciphering whether to dip or swipe your card at the register has continued to be a daily dilemma for many Americans, well past the October 1st deadline for EMV conversion. The deadline passed over 6 months ago, yet many large retailers are still struggling to get EMV chip card readers up and running. Many retailers have acquired the necessary hardware … Read More

Scott SholtesWhy can’t Retailers use their EMV Chip Readers?

Digital Wallet Wars: The battles for consumers have begun

Apple, Google (Android), Samsung, JP Morgan/Chase, MasterCard and Capital One: What do these diverse companies have in common? They all want to be the company that provides you with the tools you need to store your preferred means of payment securely inside your smart phone. Their ultimate goals? To replace your physical wallet with a digital wallet, and to make … Read More

Scott SholtesDigital Wallet Wars: The battles for consumers have begun

Leon County Tax Collector is Bill2Pay’s newest client

Bill2Pay is pleased to announce that the Leon County Tax Collector’s office will begin using Bill2Pay as their payment processor on 12/1/2015. Bill2Pay is very excited about continuing to expand our presence in the Florida panhandle with the Leon County Tax Collector being the most recent addition. Earlier this year, Bill2Pay began processing payments for the Taylor County Tax Collector’s … Read More

Scott SholtesLeon County Tax Collector is Bill2Pay’s newest client