What did the Target payments breach teach us about security?

target security

Storing cardholder data is a tough responsibility. To offer convenience means to also promise security. How can such a huge company with so much sensitive data leave it unencrypted? Accepting payments is rarely an organization’s core competency. You have to operate under the stringency and costs of a safe network and database or entrust it to someone who does. Identity … Read More

Scott SholtesWhat did the Target payments breach teach us about security?

The Pains of Becoming PCI Level 1 Compliant

payment processing compliance

A Quest for The Holy Grail PCI Level 1 Compliance: The holy grail. Where to start on this tough quest? Fortunately, one of the best ways to begin the journey into PCI Compliance is something that sounds easy: a Questionnaire. Becoming PCI Level 1 compliant is not an easy battle. So much so, that we nicknamed these questions “The Four … Read More

Scott SholtesThe Pains of Becoming PCI Level 1 Compliant

How Does The Global Payments Security Breach Affect You?

Lockbox Payments Processing

Who is Really Processing Your Payments? You need to know who is processing your payments. It may not be who you think. You are contracted with a third party payments provider, but electronic payments have many companies in the supply chain.  Who is really processing your payments? Global Payments: Another Breach Global Payments is fresh in the financial news for … Read More

Scott SholtesHow Does The Global Payments Security Breach Affect You?