A Look into the 2013 Federal Reserve Payments Study

In December of 2013, the Federal Reserve released its 5th study of aggregate trends in noncash payments since 2001. These trends were developed based on data received from depository institutions, payment networks, processors and issuers and include noncash payments made by both businesses and consumers.  The actual study by the Federal Reserve is over 40 pages, but we have aggregated … Read More

Scott SholtesA Look into the 2013 Federal Reserve Payments Study

Reducing Remittance Processing Costs – Hire Only the Best People

It sounds obvious: hire ONLY the Best People. But what does it actually mean? Best people are the pillars of productivity, quality and efficiency and therefore fundamental for any remittance processing operation. Especially when you are fighting to lower your costs! What’s In It For Me on Today’s Post? On this episode in our series “How To Reduce Remittance Processing Costs”, we will … Read More

Scott SholtesReducing Remittance Processing Costs – Hire Only the Best People

What is EMV and when do we need to start accepting it?

EMV (Europay MasterCard VISA) is used to describe the new types of payment cards which contain a chip so they are more difficult to counterfeit. The U.S. government mandated a move to the physical cards’ security standard THIS YEAR. So do you have to change right now? “The count down begins” is what the banking industry is telling us. Large providers and … Read More

Scott SholtesWhat is EMV and when do we need to start accepting it?

Don’t Ignore Your Online Payments Webpage Costs


The design and implementation of your organization’s online payments webpage is completed. Great accomplishment! However, you are now fully aware that the cost of maintaining your payments webpage  is not something you can ignore! Is it possible to optimize your payments webpage, releasing I.T. resources and reducing your overall costs? Fortunately, yes! In this article we will give a quick look … Read More

Scott SholtesDon’t Ignore Your Online Payments Webpage Costs