EBPP Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

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EBPP - Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment

Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP) allows online viewing and payment of customer bills for single and multiple accounts.

Keep the Look and Feel of your Paper Bills

Bill2Pay Solutions include hosting  and management all of your customers' bills Our EBPP solutions are also capable of utilizing invoice data. This feature  allows for your customer invoices to be presented with the look and feel of your paper bills.

Customers Can Access and Manage Online Payments

Your customers will be able to access their invoices online, view current amounts owed, as well as all outstanding invoices, and submit a credit/debit card or Electronic Check (e-check) payment.

The customer may select the invoice to pay and proceed through the payment process.

Multiple Accounts

Additionally, if customers have multiple accounts that are under a master account, a batch payment screen will allow for multiple selects of sub-accounts for payment.

Paperless Billing

Bill2Pay's EBPP solutions allows your customers to opt in Paperless Billing. With this option activated, paper bills are  suppressed, saving on costs associated with bill printing and mailing.

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