Bill2Pay and Meridian Announce KeepTRAC™

An Innovative Customer Engagement Platform for Utility Customers

Bill2Pay and Meridian Integration are excited to announce the release of KeepTRAC™, an innovative customer portal that pairs the latest billing & payment technology with a comprehensive customer engagement platform. KeepTRAC™ is the result of a collaborative effort between Bill2Pay, an industry leader in billing & payment solutions, and Meridian Integration, a leading information technology consulting firm and software development company. KeepTRAC™ is now available to utilities as an all-in-one customer-centric solution, providing superior service and advanced features which significantly increase the information available to their customers.

Utilities have become laser-focused on customer service in the past five years…KeepTRAC™ not only meets but exceeds these expectations.David Graham, CEO, Bill2Pay

KeepTRAC™ allows utilities to connect with their customers in ways that go beyond traditional monthly bills and payments. Customers can choose to communicate with their utility provider via numerous channels, including: instant online connectivity from any device, email communications, and text messaging. Customers can also receive and pay their bills online or via text.

Users of the KeepTRAC™ portal also have access to up-to-date usage information, self-service options, and tips to reduce their energy usage. These features allow customers to monitor and adjust their consumption, potentially reducing their monthly utility costs. This cloud-based platform is also cost-effective for utilities – KeepTRAC™ clients can be up-and-running in half the time and at half the cost of most competitor solutions.

“Utilities have become laser-focused on customer service in the past five years. They are looking for the best ways to meet the increasing demands of their customers with superior customer service options along with better, more comprehensive usage information”, said David Graham, Bill2Pay’s CEO. “KeepTRAC™ not only meets but exceeds these expectations.”

“KeepTRAC™ is designed to deliver an affordable, state-of-the-art option to utilities who seek to meet the rapidly increasing demands of their customers. The Utility Industry has already started to embrace our innovative customer engagement platform,” said Zendrick Cunningham, Meridian Integration’s CEO.

About Meridian Integration

Meridian Integration, LLC, based in Jacksonville, Florida, is a full-service technology solutions firm focused on providing cost-effective products and services to the utility industry. Founded in 2008, Meridian has a team of experts dedicated to providing managed services, consulting services, advisory services, and training to its many utility clients in the United States and abroad. In addition, Meridian’s product development team provides innovative solutions to critical utility-based IT problems.

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jaymiekohlBill2Pay and Meridian Announce KeepTRAC™