Comprehensive Billing, Payments, and Customer Engagement Solutions

Billing and payments are critical customer touch points for all organizations, and have become infinitely more complex over the last 10 years with prevalence of smart phones. Bills now need to be delivered through email, text message, customer banks, and traditional mail. Payments need to be accepted through all of these platforms plus through the phone, in cash and from walk-in customers. Customers are expecting an Amazon-like experience from every company they engage with, and are quick to judge if they are disappointed.

This expansion of customer expectations has left organizations struggling to juggle multiple vendors or forced to comply with large, rigid providers. What if there was a more nimble option, letting organizations efficiently manage all of their customer interactions while leveraging the tools of a complete provider? That option is ePortal by Bill2Pay.

Superior Customer Service

Bill2Pay views the billing and payments process as a core strategic business component that is often overlooked. We will provide you with the tools to foster relationships with your customers, boost productivity, improve your cash flow and help you migrate to electronic channels.

Great tools are only as valuable as the people backing them, and at Bill2Pay, we believe our customers’ success is the key to our own. Our average employee tenure is 10+ years, and with that experience comes industry specific knowledge and a deeper understanding of the challenges of your market. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our technology or your specific needs.

Security and Compliance

Bill2Pay understands the threats that you and your customers face. From mail theft to cyber crime, high-level security is a necessity in the payments industry  — and Bill2Pay takes every potential threat seriously. That is why Bill2Pay was one of the first companies in the industry to achieve PCI Level 1 compliance, and why we continue to deploy multiple layers of encryption, security, and secured protocols to protect you and your customers. Our internal audit team and external auditors constantly update and refine our processing environment to provide a safe and seamless experience.